shoot and dead

Ok i´mtrying to make a simple 3erd person shotter like MiniGore(iphone game first part movement it´s ok, shotting not an all(shooting any direcction, moving camera it´s a problem the camera have a little shake, and the other stuff it´s enemies how can i get some enemies?
here is my blend for an early stage(the character now is a cube)


test.blend (331 KB)

Any help? At least the enemies system i look a lot of tutorials and post talking about it but i could’t implement i know i have no skills on python an everything i’m tring with logic brick. Well i need help please later i will post characters and weapons

I took a look at your game. The first problem is that you use the game logic to make a parent relation. Thats what causes the shakes. Because when you use an always sensor to make a parent it will update every frame. That means that if you run at 50 FPS, then your camera will shake 50 times a second.

Just use “Ctrl + P” for parenting, also try slowparent for better effect.
When it comes for enemys, try “Track to” in the “Edit Object” actuator. But if you got a lot of objects in the way for your enemys in the level, you should try to learn about “nodes”.

Thanks u have any example for the enemies?

My recommendation would be to try to play a round with “track to” and diffrent propertys for on/off switching.

Here’s a game a made some time ago, just to try out the BGE. The enemies uses “track to”, if i hade been more committed i would have made some node funktions to improve the AI.

But whatever, heres a link to the game files:

Its one .blend-file but do to upload sizelimit its in 3 .rar-parts!

Thanks Alle92 i have to saw the example mybeyou can email me to [email protected] to talk more about the enemy sistem.

sure, just email me at [email protected] if you got any questions.

Happy blending!