Shoot or Die(WIP) - Demo

I already posted this game on bGame, there have some information, screens, a video and the download link.


I made this game for a challange in Blender Brasil Forum.

It’s a FPS, and it’s a demo of the game.

The game is not finished, i am still working on him.

The whole game was made in BGE and Gimp.


I really like the look of the game. Any more information about the gameplay?

it looks good from here, nice graphics tho!
congratz :smiley:

Thanks you.

I made the game in 30 days, and now I’m adding some new features to the game, as things that I did not have time to make in the deadline of the challenge.

I enjoyed playing the demo, really detailed and runs well.

Thank you PlanetKiller.

I added some images at the first post.

Looks fantastic!

You should enter this in BlenderArtists competition too! (It’s a sticky in the Gane Engine support and Discussion sub-forum). As I’ve already said well done and keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.

Ross: Ohh no, I lost the deadline. :frowning: