Shoot the monster in the eye?

1st question:

Is it possible to make a monster that’s killed only when shot in the eye?

I can’t just link an empty to the monster, since it moves its head about as it walks (and, yes, the eyes happen to be attached to the head).

Enlight me with your wisdom, and be blessed.

2nd question:

The monster is l-o-n-g. How can I make its physics radius large enough (so that its head won’t go into walls) yet narrow enough (so that it will be able to turn into alley-ways)?

1st Part: Hook up a collision sensor to the eyes. Then have that go to a message actuator in which you inform the Monster, or wherever your central AI is, that it needs to play the death sequence.

2nd Part:
Are you referring to a spherical radius? For a player you could go either convex hull (Makes it how it really is, but is slow) or try a box?

Put a box (its own object) around the eye and parent itto the eye bone (or head, or whatever bone controls the eye vertices) and give this box whatever logic you want. Be aware of the monster’s physics bounds- if the eye box is inside the physics bounds, you will need to be sure that whatever weapon used can penetrate these bounds (for example a gun using a ray sensor would need to be set to xray, etc)

Blender can’t do complex physics to that degree- an object parented to a bone can cause collisions (for example, objects can bounce off of parented objects) but cannot react (if a child object has physics there will be problems)
I would recommend using compound physics (toggle it on the parent physics object) but as far as I know it doesn’t recalculate so whatever shape it was when the game started, it will be during the whole game regardless of whether you move an individual part or not

Sorry for the unnecessarily long-winded rambling post, but I hoped it helped at least a little bit…

Thanks, froods. The eyeballs are now functional and vulnerable!

How do I make it a convex hull? Is that with the “bounds” button? I tried messing around with that, but it didn’t seem to do anything.