Shootem Trailer

(Blender_owl) #1

Well saluk and peter did it so i decided to make one to. The music was borrowed from SSB Melee, and will not be used in the final trailer. You need Windows Media Player to see it. Its about 500 k. Sorry linux and mac users. I could save it to an Avi but that would be about 4 megs (compressed) and we need all the bandwidth we can get. But dont worry, cause you all will get to se the trailer in the final game. So until then only windows users :frowning:

(Peter) #2

Where is it? :-?

Wan’t to see!

(Blender_owl) #3


(OTO) #4

Nice trailer, not well edited, but with very good FX.
AND i’ve watched it under Linux, with Mplayer and the new wmv9 codecs :slight_smile:

(Peter) #5

Cool. Reminds me of the sci-fi series from the old days :smiley:

(Pooba) #6

Nice movie, but i didn’t really understand it. Isn’t your game supposed to be a first person shooter( from the screenshots it was) so why is the trailer in space?


(Blender_owl) #7

i guess trailer was the worng name for it, more like an intro Cut scene.

(Fred_Pyo) #8

Yeah… that was… like… uhm…

Sorry but not quite sure what all that was… looks kool anyways but %| … my brain un unable to process that kind of information…

[And for some weird coincidence I was listening to that same music before pushing play… i love those SSBM remixes]