Shooter Crosshairs

Hello. We’re working on a simple shooter game & we’re pretty new to GE.
Can anyone help us learn how to make a crosshairs (target sight) that:

  1. follows mouse input,
  2. when an object is targeted w/ crosshairs & mouse-clicked, that piece of geometry gets “shot” and moves,
  3. does not change the camera’s perspective.

We’ve seen an example with a crosshairs on an otherwise transparent plane centered in front of the camera, & mouse input moves the camera around. This isn’t the effect we’re looking for. We’d like a stationary camera & a mouse-controlled crosshairs. Any ideas or examples out there?


there is a script somehrer ouy there for making custom cursors in your game. this might be a good start. I shall try and find it.

try this one

thanks blackhawk, that’s perfect…
is there a tutorial out there for making objects move/change when you click on them?

I don’t think I’ve seen exactly the type of tutorial you’re looking for (how to make object move/change when clicked). It’s really pretty simple, so I’ll just explain it here.

If you want the object to move, just add a motion value. Otherwise, replace the Motion Actuator with whatever you want the object to do.

Great, I’ll try that too. Thanks so much!

it worked perfectly, thanks bendenzo.