I wanna get some feedback, I’m gonna ask a few questions about shooters and I wanna just get some idea’s. If you care to share anything at all on the subject please do so. Also I would like to ask if anyone knows where I can find some theory or ideas on how to program a multiple weapon system in the most effiecient or possible way. Either fps or shooter in general Thanks.

These questions are in regards to shooters such as gradius r-type, or rather

Vertical horizontal or both?
Should said craft have to build momentum(in other words if it moves left is there a slight build up to create the motion)?
How many weapons?
What kind of weapons?
should companions be a weapon?
Does the ship have health or is the weapon penalized?
Hyper bombs?

These are all the questions i’ll come up with just cause i dont want to bombard. Feel free to add an answer to any question i should be asking.
Thanks again for the input

With this I’m looking for whatever feedback you could possibly offer on this subject whether or not it has anything to do with the questions i’ve asked

As a community, we normally wait for YOU to make something and then WE tell you what you should add to make it better. We dont know exactly what you want to make, and we normally dont care until there is something worth posting. It excites us when a new and good project comes out, we dont want to have to tell you what to make before you even start this project. This is your game you do what you want to do.:wink:


EDIT: Sorry, I dont know the question about a weapon switching system, but there was a thread about it a while back.

Well, personally, I like those games from a top-view. Also, to be consistent with most of those games, you could simply up-grade the weapon every so-often, instead of multiple wielding.

DO THE BOMB. Ha ha, everyone loves a good “screen-clear!”

Do you know python? A good weapon switching system and AI would be best if done in python. It would be possible with logic bricks (I know, I used to love them), but not as good and it would be messy.

Good luck! Oh, and edit your post instead of re-posting :slight_smile:


Edit: MB has a point there!

Actually after I read his post 2 more times I saw that he was also asking if anyone else had a question about FPS. So now It was vague to me at first. But we have enough of those threads about " ASK YOUR QUESTION HERE!) Only his was about FPS’s. Well I got to go.


Okay, first, this thread was more about theory than anything else. I wanted to get ideas to create a potential game project, however I have been messing around. And this is so far what I’ve come up with, the code I’ve used to man the ship is extremely messy.
try that thus far unless I feel otherwise the ship’s health will be determined by a health bar rather than a weapon penalty it will have several different ship types that can be picked either later or early on. I dont know if i want to make this a powerup weapon system or a purchase kind and i have few other details to work out

looks cool
Yea, niceeeee