ShootGun FPS zombie apocalypse game[v0.02]

An update log of my recent project called ShootGun! This is planned as a free, quick Blender tech demo game introducing a lot of cool features obtained in BGE resources section and putting them together in one game. The game lags a bit, especially close to zombies or parallax mapped bricks. In 960x540 without recorder no lag, with recorder lags as it would be in 720p. Otherwise no problems(just my GPU).

Resources used:

  • Handgun from “Free Guns Giveaway!” by hanzo(CC-BY)
  • Zombie model from Blendswap(CC-0)
  • “Procedural Grass Geometry Shader” by Yarbrough08
  • Parallax map node originally by Binary, modified by carlo697
  • Textures from
  • Rock texture by Radacina Andrei
  • Other stuff made by myself

Looks good, for the blood I recommend adding some sort of normal map (even it is doesn’t suit the texture), just to stop the specular from covering the whole image. Also turn up the hardness.

OK!.. Thanks for reccomendation! :slight_smile:

v0.02 update! :slight_smile:

An arms model would be great, maybe add some vriations to the zombies, add some atmospheric effects, maybe bake some ao and shadows, Blood spurts, too, which I think will be added in, becuz whats a zombie game without the blood? :wink: good work man, keep it up.

The blood is there already - when you shoot a zombie, a blood splashes. When you shood ground/wall - a dirt splashes. Also bullet holes are there. yes - baked AO and shadows are not there yet(except gun) aswell as zombies are all identic. Arms model is not required - I guess it will looks good enaugh also without it…

What happens when the zombies catch you?

They start eating you and you loose some health till you die. The first video(in my youtube channel) shows that out:)

looks nice and i like the mechanics too. maybe you shall put a bevelmodifier at the brickwalls to make the edges less sharp

OK! I will see how it will look! Thanks!:wink: