Shoothemup code learning for Upbge 0.3

The game is about learning Upbge essential coding to make games.
This should help beginners coming to Upbge 0.3.

This covers :

  • player controls and shoot projectiles
  • manage collisions code and setup for group and masks
  • How to setup objects collisions
  • How to instance objects
  • physic objects movement
  • objects communication using properties
  • HUD with overlay collection
  • spawners system with visualization in editor

In the makings :

  • main menu
  • score
  • charged fire with auto lock
  • more complex ships and behaviour type
  • static turrets
  • environment dynamic hazard
  • simple fog
  • sounds and music
  • some code review

It’s a prototype, there is no music yet and no sounds but i was surprised how fun it is already.


I’ll update with download link and new releases infos.

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