Shooting a ball in given direction

So I’d like to make a ball flow out of a tube into the direction the tube was pointing (something cannon-like) to incorporate it into my animation. I select the tube as static, my bullet as rigid body with initial velocity but in goes down into the tube and starts rotating around its own axis or shoots to the side regardless of the boundary (the tube) being static. Why is that so? How can I make it do what I want?

I would just spawn the ball at the end of the cannon, and delete the entering ball? can you see inside the pipe?

have you tried 0 friction yet?


Pipe.blend (484 KB)

Thank you but what do you mean by “spawn the ball at the end of the cannon”? Wherever I place the mesh, after hitting “P” the ball just drops to the base of my pipe.

Nope, will check it in a minute, thanks :slight_smile:

Make sure you give the ball an according inital velocity (see addObjectActuator).