Shooting for photorealism...

…so I tried to do something simple:

An apple on a stool.:slight_smile:

EDIT:Tweaked a few things…

Click to view the first image:

Here’s the second:
C&C appreciated. 8)

well photoreal is all this image is not :wink:

i realy love the funky apple color texture!

nice job also for the color coding.

all made me smile


Hey, Blackwing, nice avatar :wink: Yeah, nice texture. Is it all procedural?
However, I do say you have a poor taste in apples. I would never even touch Granny Smiths, let alone blend one :x

Shadows are a little noisy, plus I think ramp shading would do good for the apple. Otherwise nice job.

Apple texture needs a bit of work, and lower ref.

Scenes a bit bright.

But apart from that it looks pretty good. And yeah, unfortunately, it aint really photorealistic. :frowning:

BTW, whats rampshading? :-?

Check the changes in the 2.34 release. Click here.

I’ll see if I can add some rampshading, and tweak a few other things… the stool and baseboards are not procedural, sadly. Snargle, I hate red delicious apples, I like the tart ones. :smiley:

A lot of things need working on if you want to achieve photrealism, and I’d start by working on the wall texture…It just doesn’t seem, well, wallish :smiley:

your aple is not realy photoreal. but i think you could make a nicer result with blenders shader!

I wrote a tutorial about modeling and texturing an aple! It’s in german but in this tutorial are many pics, so you can make the tut with the pics!

you need the two zip files.
you can see the result on the pic!

I hope it would help you. And sorry for my bad english! :expressionless:

It has potential, but it needs much more to be “photorealistic.” I would composite it differently (rule of thirds?) and definitely work on the textures more. Try YafRay. Good luck!

Yea I forgot to mention that. I think it looks like tacky wallpaper. Try white or offwhite paint. Check out my wall (I’m not really going for photorealism in this one, but it has a nice wall: )

All right, I’ll work on the wall, and see if I can try Yarfay, thanks, everyone.