Shooting problem

i’m making a basic shooting game. i have add an empty and on another layer i have a bullet. i have made an edit object actuator, and add object. But how can i make it shoot in all directions it only shooting in y axis:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
How can i make the mouse cursor appear as something else

i’m a bad explainer but i hope some of you might help me…


sorry my english, Norwegian

  1. Press the “L” button near "linV’ or “Ang” axis coordinates. This make that the object will be followed by the “y” axis but the local. Try it.

  2. In BGE?? You must use python script… In text Editor window create New file, rename as “mouse” or something and ttype this code:

import Rasterizer
“0” - hide mouse
“1” - show mouse

Add “Always” sensor and “Python” controller. In Python controlller type filename of script and connect with Sensor. Press “P-Key”:evilgrin:

I hope to understand me because my English is also not good. (I’m Polish:p:p)