Shooting Problems

I`m working in a shooting game like Quake or DOOM, but I have a big problem. I saw in some tutorials a way to make a shoot, you put in other layer the bullet and call it from the add object actuactor, but thie method just work for static object. Now when I try to move the ppal character and shoot, but the character moves with the bullet …

I dont know what to do, I think is very easy to do it, but I need for know do it this with logic brinks, Ill learn oython the next year, but rigth now I need to solve this with logis brinks. Any Ideas pls …!!!

Well, just select the bullet and put ghost on it (beside actor). It will still register a collision sensor but not ffect the movement of anything it hits.

When you shoot while in wireframe mode, you’ll notice the bullet comes out from where the object center is (the yellow maybe purple dot), you can just move the dot outside of the person. :slight_smile:

Hope I helped

Thank`s for your help. Do you know how to make that my enemy find my ppal actor and shoot him? any Ideas.

You could have the player have a property on it called player (doesn’t have to be player) and select your enemy with a near sensor with the property player. Have that attached to a “and” then to a “add object” ----“Edit object”. With the objects name in the box, this will make your enemy turn towards you when your near it, you could also have a message attached to the near sensor too, so when your near it will activate the message, and do according to what is instruscted with the message.