shooting without rays. simple fps

this works. hope you know how to use it. instead of using rays
how this work.
empty1 <— ur crosshair
empty2 <— duplicate empty1 and drag on only 1 axis far away.
your gun <— adds your bullet object
your bullet <---- set track to empty2, give it a linv.

works great for me. hope it’s simple enough for beginners.

I hate to shoot you down (excuse the pun!), but using actual dynamic bullet objects is problematic in the engine if you are to do collision detection with them. If the velocity of the bullet is too fast or its size is too small the collision sensor might not ‘catch’ it when it hits your target. With ray tracing its entirely reliable and it only requires a few lines of pasted code. Although they make bad means to detect collision it is perfectly fine to use a spawned bullet object to enhance the visual effect of the weapon.