a long time haven’t done anything in game engine, but recently i found timmeh’s web based highscores thread (http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=111643) , and it somehow inspired to finish some of my small games. I thought maybe a online leaderboard will make game more challenging.

Some of you have already played previous version of this game, the only differences are - sound fixes, difficulty level, and an online Top 50 leaderboard (http://blendergamestats.awardspace.com/showscores.php) thanks to timmeh.

a screenshot:


windows executable:

and a mac app:

i dont have linux… can’t make one for it

I just found out that you will need python installed to save scores online.

Have Fun!
oh… and no cheating plz :wink:

that is fun, I found it fairly challenging :)…

Good job on this game.

Great job on the game.
Man patika! :slight_smile:

wow martinsh , that is amazing :slight_smile: ,
this is the first game i see with the real score through internet , i’m too happy to see this :slight_smile:
my score isn’t that good , just was flirting with the game :slight_smile:
i will play it again :slight_smile:
please , can we see how you made the blend ?
it will be too kind to share how you made it :slight_smile:

thanks in advance

wow , your game is really amazing , i advice everyone to DLD it , and learned a lot a lot from the the scripts :slight_smile:

thanks .

scripts are not mine, i just followed timmeh’s tutorials how to prepare database for this, and then integrated it into my game with my programming “skills” to see if it is working… well it works great and if someone want ill post link to blend file, just PM me.

Could you please post a link to 'timmeh’s tutorials '?

Thanks very much.

i mentioned it in first post.

Nice work! Your games and demos have taught me a lot over the past year or so, so thanks for releasing the blends = )