Shootout (wip)

Hey blenderers

Im working on something at uni for visual effects that is in essence a shootout.

For this I need to use blenders rigid body physics engine and the addon of the cell fracture tool.

The question I present to you today is how do I make it so that all the selected objects share the same physics settings, basically I want to fracture a brick and then use the circle select tool the pick out the fractures I want and make them active rigid body’s while leaving the ones around them to passive.

So far I gathered it had something to do with grouping but ive not yet been able to get them to share the same physics options.

I cant do it piece by peice as I expect that there will be about 50-100 fractures per brick and a walls worth of bricks being blown apart.

Help would be appreciated as soon as possible really as I have to keep to a deadline.

So now just for a bit of eye candy, here is a test video I made with bullets and cell fracturing. enjoy!

Hey Blender Artists, having quite a few problems with blender and smoke simulations, is there not a way that I can render two separate smoke domains on different layers and have them both render on the same pass?

Currently when I try it, one layer works fine but the second layer does not render at all, except when I fully hide the first domain, changing them to separate passes does not change this.

Any ideas?

Don’t particularly want to have to render each of the gunshots smoke out one by one as each shot has two sets of smoke simulations and I plan to have a decent size shootout.

Any help asap would be useful as I need to have it made and rendered by the first week of january