Shooty Gal

This is a personal piece done over several weeks using Blender and with a few minor Photoshop touchups. The original plan was to make a very quick 3D mockup and created a detailed paintover on top of it, but as I started to get carried away with creating detail in 3D, I gave up on the idea of making it into a painting.

Every comment and critique is really welcome!

Really interesting style and nice look. Would you mind explaining a bit more about how you created it e.g. the hair? Thanks :slight_smile:

mmm…good work i didn’t like the red color in the nose and the lips and may be the shape of the head every thing else is amazing!!

the face doesn’t look great, the cartoon style clashes with the 3d style of the rest of the image. my brain is having a hard time processing what its seeing! rest of the image and modelling looks great though

Thanks! Sure, the hair just a bunch of hand placed overlapping planes. I made a quick grease pencil sketch underneath and just started moving verts around. No real magic to the other stuff either. Lots of dyntopo sculpted detail… the scene is a bit under 4 million polygons even though some parts look really simple and low poly.

The character has a simple rig which I initially used to pose her.

Probably the most complex part of the scene is the lighting, which consists of one main skylight (sun) and maybe a dozen coloured point lights with low range, just to get the colours to look right in the foreground and background. There’s also a lot of per-material emission stuff and other texture tricks, so it’s not even close to being a physically accurate render. :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch for the comment! The head gave me some trouble. I initially had a high poly sculpt of it, but it was really tough to get it to look expressive, so I gave up on it and opted to create the face as a texture.

Thanks for the feedback. Now that you mention it, I tend to agree with you. I like to play around with expressions, and that would’ve been really tough for me if I’d gone with the sculpted face since I’m not good at making facial rigs. I should’ve made the lighting and materials flatter since I went Next time I’ll have to learn it though!