Did this 2/3 months ago, base on shop house which are common in Southeast Asia.
The 7 foreground buildings are model and render with Blender3D. Background cloud and distance building are 2d painting.
“A shophouse is a vernacular architectural building type that is commonly seen in areas such as urban Southeast Asia.” wiki

Nice work! I like it!

I feel like i was watching doraemon! :slight_smile: the style is so good, great job!

This is actually really good, nice cartoony feeling!

Really nice render. Will you do anything else with it?

looks great! -, the background reminds me of mirror’s edge…
may I ask what’s the language on those signs? :slight_smile:

Nice work! I liked the relation between the main image and the background.

Thanks everyone. I was also a little bit surprise with the render result too as I didnt really spend much time on material and render settings.

Just a normal UV wrap building, with a blue hemi and bright yellow light. and it blend nicely with the background.

those are Malay Languages which are use in SEA countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia
and some Mandarin (simplified).

Will post another render when I have time.

Yes love the style of this!

new image to compare before and after photoshop.

I like it very much!! The two images are great, loving style… and thanks for the little making off…

Very nice. True that both images are great. Love the style.