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I’m currently working on my first legit blender game “Barrelman” and have run into a few issues.

First Issue: the textures I have UV mapped to my character/world don’t show up when I run the game. I have checked that the mode is actually on texture mode, but it doesn’t make a difference. I have another game with (im pretty sure) the same procedure used to UV map and the textures show up fine.

Second Issue: I have a really terrible “Jump” action set up in logic bricks which doesn’t allow me to jump from any other platform higher than the floor.

Third Issue: I don’t know how to make the character switch from idle animation to run animation and back after hitting the “run” key. I’ve succeeded in going from idle to run, but not back to idle

If you can help in any of theses issues it would be much appreciated. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Here’s the Blend file:Barrel Man1game.blend (501 KB)

You’ve not packed the textures in your blend so no way to see if they do or don’t show up correctly.
Those objects which do have a texture slot in the material don’t have the material mapped to the objects UVs but to Orco (Map Input panel)

Nvm I got it packed.

Here’s the .blend with textures:

for the running to idle set a sensor to always, connect that to a controller set to AND, and connect that to a actuator set to your idle animation. Remember to have the priority # HIGHER than the running animation.


or the same priority. (lol, I fail)

Thanks mega! I got the idle animation working

The textures and jump are still a mystery to me. For some reason the eye textures are showing up, but the floor and barrel arent, even though they have the same settings :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Scratch that, I have the textures working now. seems I had them assigned wrong or something? Idk. anyway I just need a better jump script now :slight_smile: