shopping madness demo

this is my very first game ever, so be prepared for the worst…
o.k, this is a game that i have been working on since spring break, a few months ago. i finally have the demo ready, so here it is. if you have you ever been in a supermarket, were tempted to knock over all the shelves and run into everything? that is what you can do in my game. except i took it one step further, the shopping carts have guns and weapons and nitrous boosters mounted on them, and you can run over people! for a better description of the game, and to download the demo, go to
F--------flip cart
arrow keys------steer
backspace----------back to menue
left alt--------nitrous boost (could use a bit of work)

hopefully i will have a weapons demo soon. the part of the supermarket that the demo takes place in is one tiny part of the whole supermarket.

note: on the main menue, the green button is the one that is selected. use the up and down arrows and enter to choose which option you want. also keep in mind that this game is fairly graphically demanding and is not recommended for laptops!

please, keep in mind, that “exe” files, are only usable on windows systems!
Anyway, a shopping cart with “guns and weapons and nitrous” sounds…fun?!

Cool! You made an installer XD.
EDIT: Cool graphics! I played it.

this demo need polishing, but the game looks promising!

would be more fun withe guys that are doing ther market and that you could hit them nahahahaha.

You should add screenshots!


just palyed, but the guy was already fallen, and stull fell off the shelves and I didnt do it :stuck_out_tongue:

very good, I liked it!

Nice adreline rush when playing the game. Very up and coming game.