Shore side

A simple shore side view.

That looks really good and realistic. The problem is the grass- it just looks too good to be real, and it came from nowhere. I mean, the current situation that the grass SUPER CLOSE to the rocks and the water makes it look fake. I would expect to be there kinda beach with sand and all these…
Everything else is great!

This is actually the image I used for reference I could have added more variation to the grass now that I look at it. The render was actually from July of last year so its a little old.

The picture look really great but it also look a bit too fake. Add some variation and grunge to the rock shader. Adding some weeds will greatly help to break done the monotony of the grass. And add a small “island” at the horizon to break the line. All in all, it´s great. Just need to add some variation to add more realism.

Its an old render so i’m probably not gonna go back to it and change stuff so i’ll just say it stylized then not realistic :slight_smile: