Short 3D animation made with Blender

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It is a good start.

  1. There isn’t any weight to the Mech. When it moves that slow, it would fall over with each setep. You need to adjust the “center of gravity” to give it more reality (… thoughh it is a Mech… so "as real as it can i guees " :slight_smile: Still that is the major part that takes me out of the video.

  2. There is some texture glitches on the legs.

  3. When tank fires, make the bullet go 3-4 times faster, add motion blur to it, this will show fast impact.

  4. being the hardest is smokke/fire simualtion along iwth the overall destruction.

Though out of all of them, the walking would make it 10x better.

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Thank you very much for your help. Next time I will try to fix these.