short and simple sword fight anim


My opinion is reserved until such a time as I can see a longer fight. Seems good so far, but then again depends what you’re going for: sword fights a la Final Fantasy or something in a more realistic vein; I felt it leant more towards the former - kind of like Cloud initiating an assault against Sephiroth.

Hrm, my two pence.

Gripping and tense sequence. Only thing that put me off was the character closer to the camera rotating clockwise seemingly through magically.

You can use some fancy camera tricks to make it a bit more dramatic.

Otherwise well done - this is more advanced and thought through than most you-tube blender animations.

The feet need work, they slide around at the beginning as both characters rotate and at the very end as the one character falls, his one foot passes thru the other character. I can’t comment on the feet during the middle part of the animation as the action is fast. But yea, I’d work on the feet, the rest looks good.


good try … keep it up

Thanks everyone, but this was just me playing around with blender, i dint put much time into it to be honest…maybe 30-45min…but thanks for the feed backs anyway ;]

Yeah! Keep at it!

You definitely need to look into setup up IK for those feet. It’s tricky to catch onto for some (like me…having to re-learn it every time I make a new one). But in the end it will be worth it. It’s too hard to make the feet stay in place without it. The best setup would be to have an IK/FK switch for each limb, but that can take some work. Just…at least get it going for the feet and you’ll be making much better stuff in no time. Besides that, have fun with it. There are lots of crits that can be told, but at this stage, I say just keep at it. The more you practice the better you will get at it. It never hurts to study motion though. It’s much needed if you are serious about animation.

You can use some fancy camera tricks to make it a bit more dramatic.the design you have used is nice i think more work on maya will get you through

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