Short animated series

Last creation :slight_smile:

Hello. Last time you guys gave me some good feedback on my first animation attempt. So I thought I share with you my new creations.
It should be just short happy movie, hopefully funny :slight_smile: called “Opera goes wrong”

Now just some pictures of my character and the main stage where it all happens. Style should be simple, cartoon like. Pictures below.

I share more with you, when ready. Have a good weekend!

“Opera goes wrong” , looks amazing!! so funny, waiting for more.

It’s just my second animation so it’s going to be far from perfect, but thank you! :wink:

Little bit of more. :o

If you are going to continue this route, you will have to fix the topology around the mouths. You have to find a way to get rid of the wrinkle lines around the head.

Hi, yes. There is more things I am fighting with. Mainly deforming parts during animation. I think it goes back and starts with bad rigging.


Some time pased and I decided to share my creation with you. It is simple animation, nothing special. But I take it as a oportunity to improve my begginer Blender skills and share my progress with you. Yours reactions means a lot for my because this is the way you can help me improve.

So any comments or critique are welcomed!

Have a good day, Jake :wink:

That was actually pretty good! I would suggest that some dust should be falling when the building is shaking.