Short animation - Medusa

Hi !

In the last 2 weeks, I was working on a new project. Here is the final shot:
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Thanks for watching !

Wow this is excellent !!! five stars from me!!

Thank you !

I like it. It sort of has a Fantasia feel to it.

Definitely five stars.Can you tell me how did you do the light beams(I hope you understand me:) )

@clewer: Thank you for the rating ! Light beams were easily done: 5 spots with halos enabled, and 2 rotating planes with holes in front of those lamps. The 2 planes were rotating in a random way, and also moving a bit (I also hope you understand me :wink:

here is a little screenshot to show you the scene set up:

That is excellent and the light setup is also very effective!

wow nice work !!!

rated 5 stars… simple, clean, and very nicely executed.

Thanks you to all of you for watching and rating this video !

Wow. How did you do the bubbles? That is amazing. The only problem that I saw was that the light should be coming from the top of the water right? Other than that, it was awesome.

just great - and the music suits your setup. i think there’s a tutorial with a similar light/caustic effect using rotating planes?? great!

nice set up. the lights into the water are good - all is nice and stylish.

I am curious how it would look like when you give the fish (man what is teh english term again for that animal) a noise refection. they are I think not so clear translucent. With the glossy feature in refraction you can make them look diffused transparent! however that is going to kill render time.

Maybe zdepth transparency and SSS could be a nice effect as well.

@DrkPhoenix: I used a particle emiter for bubble, and I set an object in the visual settings, instead of using halos. for the light direction, I did some test with vertical lightning, but I prefered to rotate a bit the spots. It was only a question of preference.

@deltawing: sorry, I didn’t follow a tutorial to do this…I don’t know if there is something existing.

@cekuhnen: I did some test to “blur” the transparency of those…hem…“medusa” (don’t either know the english word for those kind of fishes…hehe). As you said, the problem was the rendertime. I wanted something very quickly rendered, because it’s a small project I started between many others.
I try to blur with SSS, but I didn’t get good results.
A solution which was interesting was the bilateral blur only on “medusa”'s layer; easily set, quickly done, the edge were still well visible…But finally, I choose to make them more unreal, with a “crystal” look, no blur.

Thank you all for your comments !

I was asking Fabien to use his “Medusa” animation for one of my music videos. So, here it is:

Thanks FaB :slight_smile: