Short Animation Movie: Checkmate

Hello everyone. This is my first post and hopefully not the last.

I started using Blender right after I got my degree in civil engineering in 2017. I have always had ideas that I wanted to share with people but sometimes you can’t find the right words to express how you feel. Just like any other Iraqi citizen that was born and brought up in Iraq, I have seen a lot of violence and lived through so many wars. Even in peacetime I never felt safe. Anything could happen anytime. “Why?” you might ask. “The ignorance of the people and the horrible blood-thirsty leaders” will always be my answer.

Last September I decided that I should start making short animations to express how I feel about things. As I said before I have so many ideas but I do admit that I lack the experience in making movies. I’m not that good in modelling, texturing, lighting, camera rigging, story telling, audio mixing, etc… but I won’t let that stop me.

I hope you enjoy this short animation. I know the audio volume is low but when I was mixing the audio I was wearing beats studio by dre which made the audio sound good enough.

Thanks and have a nice day.


That looked awesome!!!

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I’m glad you liked it :v:
Thanks a lot dude

You’re welcome.

I like a lot, you did it so well!! When I watch it I could feel the psychic tension. Really good!! Bravo!

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Thanks a lot, dude! I’m glad you liked it bro.