Short Animation - Robot Spider {in need of Critique}

A toonish robot spider animation. This is only my first spline pass. Please, I would like some critiques on this. I may need more cameras and a little different camera positions. Thank you for the help!

This is in low resolution, this was for only for test purposes. After tweaking the animation I will fully render it :).

Edit: I am going to upload one without the motion blur tomorrow. It maybe a little hard to critique with the blur on.

Hello Rod,

good animation if you don’t mind i could give you some suggestion :slight_smile:

  • Some weight issue of the character, try to add some more settle after landing it will be way more better, and bring more life to the character

  • The entire short is missing the intention, example : where the spider going? why he have to go there? try to setup a goal for the character. i have seen the third short you have show the destination, maybe try to change the colour of the location make it more significant :slight_smile:

  • some camera continuity you have to fix, like fr713 (around there) ( keep in mind the audience eye is more important.

Thanks hope it helps :slight_smile: