Short animation: The Enlightenment

I made it in blender (why, of course!) with a cool model, ludwig, to study and learn more about animation.

I learned a lot about it and have enjoyed making the movie. I hope you also would enjoy watching it.

Any criqitues, comments, suggestions, etc. are welcome. :slight_smile:

P.S. I know I forgot “en” in Enlightenment, but I’m too lazy to fix it there… :stuck_out_tongue: for people that can’t view movies on :slight_smile: Enjoy! And no, it’s not a higher resolution view… it has the same dimension like youtube do.

Edit: <— get the .blend file and see it for yourself about how I did all of those stuff. :slight_smile: Including the world settings, light settings, etc. :slight_smile:

i cant do youtube, would you mind posting for download? A good site is . You can upload files for free. Thanks, Cant wait to see it
peace man

No problem, I will do that tomorrow and edit my 1st post when it has been uploaded.

Thanks very much dreammaster, look forward to seein the short

Lol, very cool. I liked it a lot, especially the kneeling.

Good job.


The walkcycle needs a little tweaking, but hey. It’s good that you learned a
lot, and the result is VERY nice! Nice lightening effects too :slight_smile:


I remember you mentioned this on IRC, and it blew away all my expectations. great stuff indeed. I especially love the light flicker :smiley:

Nice! Great mood and character motion!

It is fun for me to see how people put Ludwig to use. Makes me feel that the hours I put into him were worth it. So thanks for sharing! Keep it up!

Thank you everybody for your comments/criqitues. Yes, I agree that the walkcycle needs some work, but not bad for my very first path-based walkcycle with stride method so I’m quite safisied that I have came this far. Although, I was working on it a lot then I figured out that I better let it be and move on. I can get more practices in later animations… perhaps with ludwig again if sketchy doesn’t mind. :} Soon, I’ll learn how to rig and make my own models with rigging system, but for now… ludwig does the job (in other words, I’m too lazy).

I love the light flicker too! XD

Anyways, for people that haven’t noticed… I have added the opition to download the movie at because apparently, doesn’t work for everybody. :slight_smile:

ah crap, it wont play…just get a white screen(must have the wrong codec)
anyway, thx for posting it for donwload anyway!

Very nice !

Can you share some of your techniques ?

How does the sphere emit light?

How did you create the red and white “sky” ?

btw, if you’re looking for more rigs, I’ve collected links to all the best ones in my “Best of Blender” thread.


Use VLC… it plays almost ANYTHING! :wink:

Isnt that only for mac?..i tried to download it from the site, and im pretty sure it was mac only…

I have it on windows… so I’m pretty sure that there is win version of VLC. :slight_smile:

For Mike_S: Perhaps I will share my techniques someday… although, I’m not sure how I can do that without writing 1000’s pages of the information so I think I’ll just share the .blend file for everybody to see. :slight_smile: However, I don’t know a decent site that I can upload a .blend file to without any problems… any ideas?

Couldn’t you post the blend on savefile also? If not, try

I use

Gives you 1gig free space.

I like it because it will give a direct link to the file’s download page, unlike some of the others that load 2-4 pages loaded with huge graphic ads.

… you still have to wait xxx seconds (usually not more than about 10).


oh, thanks…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good news everybody, I’ve managed to get my website back up… it was messed up after selling my domain name. So, I have added the .blend file link for you all to see and see how I did stuff so I don’t have to write 1000’s pages just to explain what I did. :smiley:

I’ll post the link here in case people are too lazy to scroll back up for some reason…


Link doesn’t work. (404 file not found)


Oops… it’s supposed to be

My apologizes. :slight_smile: