Short animation WIP

Hi! I’m introducing a scene I’ve been working on slowly through the summer. This is my first blender scenes and I intent to animate this. The animation is actually going to be a collaboration because my friend is adding special effects in After Effects and my other friend is composing a poem to suit the video. I’m working on a background music to fit the mood of the video too.

I decided to post some renders of the current state of my progress in hopes of a good tips and possibly answers for my problems I’ve faced so far. All the textures seen in the renders are experimental as I’ve only been working on the enviroment, athmosphere and lighting. I actually haven’t animated anything except for the camera movement.

The animation is going to be 1 minute long and render time per frame is varying between 3,5 minutes up to 17 minutes (mostly because of raytracing and the fact that my meshes are REALLY messy). The video is going to be very trailer-like.

The green background is for the after effects. I’m rendering a background animation to it but to reduce the rendering time I’m rendering it indepentendly and without raytracing to reduce the rendering time.

The problems I’ve faced so far and haven’t been able to solve:

-Lowering rendering time without loss of quality
-Splitting the rendering job to multiple computers (couple of my blender friends agreed to share the load)
-Adding more details to the scene without lengthening the render time too much
-The water material reflects green which isn’t exactly what I wanted but I couldn’t fix that. I used ray mirror and ray transparency to achieve the water material.

And here’s some WIP renders of the animation. I ran the third image through Photoshop macro I created to add more “macigal” athmosphere to it. If you can find answer to my problems or you got any tips to help me make this scene better, don’t hesitate to comment! Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


I’ve been doing some renovation to this scene. I’ve learned alot of new tricks and I was able to reduce the render time considerably allowing me to add more details and complexity to the scene. Those waterfalls need a lot of work. Now they look like plastic imo. I’m planning on adding lot’s of detail to the scene to make it look more interesting. C&C is encouraged and appreciated! =)

Edit: I also added a wip-shot of a dragon I’m gonna include to this animation!


I made a short test animation render to see the athmospheric effects in every angle.