Short Animations for an onlineshop


the second news-teaser for my girlfriends webshop is done.

Again done in my almost non-existent spare-time, so it’s the equivalent to “first-takes-only” which means I “blindly” set all the keyframes without any corrective iteration steps (almost). Also I think I should try another renderer, as I am not able to get rid of the noise while keeping the rendertime low. Yet I am scared to touch the internal renderer again…it has been quite a while.
Enough said…here it is (all Blender/Cycles, Natron, kdenlive):

And the old one from a couple of months ago:

hope you like it!

The combination of the simple smiley faces on your characters and the upbeat music make both of these fun to watch. While I have no idea what ‘ecological clothes’ are, I hope your girlfriends business becomes very successful. :smiley: