Short animations

I’m starting to make some short animations to improve my animation skills.
Here are some of them:

It 'll be great if you post some comments that help me improve

here are 2 more animations done with the same character:

nice! how did u make those Eyes? I really like the specs coming off them!

It is just a simple mix shader node material in cycles. I combined a Diffuse material with the eyes texture and a glossy (sharp) material with a factor of .092. It was rendered with 200 passes.

very nice work. i dunno what i could say to help you improve the animation. it looks great to me.

Thanks!!! I really appreciate your comment!

Nice work.


This is some good stuff!
I reckon you need to keep working on weight (one of the hardest things to get right). For example with the jump, i would expect just a touch more anticipation going in, and a little more of a crouch going into the landing.
I like the sneak walk, but it could use a touch more polish to reduce the knee pops.
All up, you seem to have a good feel for animation. Nice work!

That is a pretty good start.
You should work on lighting a bit more though, and it would look totally rad. Keep on posting, it’s really good :smiley:


  • Lukas

Thanks for pointing out the things I can improve. I actually revisited the file and try to improve those things and I have to say it looks better. Here it is:

Thanks for the advice!!

Thanks for the comment!! I have to say i’m a noob when it comes to lighting, that’s why I actually rendered all the animations with openGL (like a playblast). In the last animation (the one I just posted) I decided to go with cycles, and I’m really impressed with the result, yet I think I still have to play with it a little to get better results.

I just finished another animation. I wanted to make a weight lifting animation. I think its good. But it definitely needs a lot of improvement. What do you think?

Great animations! Especially for the first character. :wink:

In the last one I had for a moment impression that as for heavy lifting, lifting is happening a little bit to “smooth”, but that might be just me.

Great work!

I like all of them. Nice work.

Thanks. I do find it kind of difficult to show weight.


Very good movement, congratulations

I reckon what’s missing is some up and down movement on the hips. As he’s going to lift, he should crouch more. This is the squash and stretch principle. As he prepares to lift he should squash down to show the build up of energy before the lift.

BTW, that second version of the jump is looking much better!

These are very nice, and I think the animation is great. I’m not very experienced at character animation, so I’m always impressed by people who get good at it. I enjoyed these a lot. Keep up the great practice.
And I’m glad to see anyone working in Cycles.
My critique would be to reiterate the earlier critique on the importance of lighting. Right now, Cycles lighting options are still somewhat limited (that will probably change before too long…)
Something I’ve started doing a lot is to parent a Sunlamp to the camera…
Keep whatever lighting you already have in the scene for some basic lighting.
However, after watching too many docs on “The moon landings were faked!” (BS), I picked up on the importance of cam lighting on the foreground object, regardless of whatever other light is in the scene…
Add a Sunlamp. Snap it to the cam. Rotate the Sunlamp so that it it’s ray is pointing directly out of the camera, straight at the cam’s focal point. Parent the Sunlamp to the cam. Now, no matter where you move the cam or rotate it to, it will always be shooting a uniform light at the subject. Go into preview and adjust the cam’s Sunlamp to whatever emission value you think brings some highlight to the character, but not so much that it blows the other lighting away. Experiment with it in animation, and you just might get a neat look that others don’t have.
It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s The No Brainer CamLamp, by DayGlo! :smiley:

Right again!

I added a little bit more up and down movement and it looks a bit heavier. Still there are some things that feel wrong but I cant put my finger on it,

THanks again!

Thanks for the advice!