Short Animations


I am very interested in the possibility of using Blender for an animation project, a series of short animations with a larger over arching storyline.

I currently use Carrara and Various DAZ character models, plenty of 3rd party props, and some items I make.

For a single artist, not a team, would Blender be manageable for working on what is aiming to be a fairly realistic series of shorts? I have heard that Character animation is strong in Blender and with the new cycles rendering, I see stunning results.

Always interested in what the Blender community thinks.

well modeling in daz is a bit different then in blender, but yep lots is possible with blender and indeed stunning render results
I think animating in daz is well simple, animating in blender, can be more complex, but with complexity more possibilities.
I personally would love to see the daz type dials, to change bone rotations etc, but in blender you click a bone, press i and lock its rotation to a specific frame… so its a bit different. Keep in mind dough that cycles rendering takes a bit more time… BI is a bit faster but less realistic, but probaply good enough for cartoon style things etc.

I would say the answer is “yes” to your question. Currently I am working on an animation project of my own and find Blender very manageable. I agree with Razorblade about rendering with Blender Internal, it has been perfect for my needs. Here is a clip from my project.

Thanks so much, Drew99, your work looks great! I appreciate the advice and inspiration!