Short Blender 2.8 design/animation/Rendering-A few second intro. (Advance/Expert Needed)


I am looking for an artist who can model (based on a obj I will provide), rig, animate and render a short, a few seconds long, intro for my start up company to be used in multiple ways, websites, videos, commercials etc. I would like someone professional and able to show their experience. I can add my own sound but if you are an all around expert lets talk.

Here is what i am looking for:

  1. Modeling, rigging and animation of a character who bites into a vegetable and then burps very loudly but fast. I can send a obj of a character i created in OBJ format
  2. The finished render in high quality
  3. The original blender 2.8 project files
  4. All rights to use and edit all files, unlimited commercial use etc etc.
    5)(Possibly)If you can add a crunch bite sound followed by a loud burp, that would be great, ofcourse the audio quality needs to be excellent too.

The deadline will be the end of March.

I can pay competitively and dont want you wasting your time contacting me if you cant do everything I already mentioned. Thanks to all who show an interest, and I look forward to working with a fun professional on this short and quirky project. Happy Burping!

Hi @QuantumEpiphany

I am interested in your requirement and will be glad to assist you for designing/animation and rendering.

please reach me out through Skype : cis.am3 or email me at [email protected]


Hello. I can do it for you. I am working now on my own short film, so I love this kind of work! If you are interesting, I can send to you some renders or part of my film. You can contact me and send OBJ here: [email protected]
Big Regards

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