Short blog about Blender's UI on Computerworld

Found this blog on Computerworld, seems like a lot of websites have been blasting Blender’s UI lately. Personally I think UI is a moot point once you learn it. It’s just like learning to ride a bike, at first it might be hard but once you learn it you get good at it pretty fast.

Here’s the article:

He write:
“But the interface is a crime against logic, nature and makes me revise my opinion on whether or not true Evil exists.”

HAHAHAHA! Blender has the most logical interface I ever seen.

I think all who dont like Blender’s GUI was never work with it, never makes anything that more than a simple scene with simple objects…

I have a big fear: developers will change Blender GUI…
But I dont need to fear. I will learn XSI or Maya and I will happy with getting jobs and so on… I will throw Blender into the trashcan.

Yes, we know that by now. You have been actively pestering people even though they were only discussing, suggesting or even hinting at changes to the interface of Blender, not programming it.

Also, have you ever heard about the saying that change can be a good thing and that the word “changes” does most definitely not equal “making it look and work like 3ds max”?

To finish my diagnose, I must say I can’t help thinking you must have had some very traumatic experience in your past with 3ds Max. Would you like to talk about it?

I am used to the UI by now, but it took me 3 month of very very hard work, and I still hate the way UI is. It took me 2 hours to learn Carrara’s UI, 1 hour to learn Hexagon’s UI, 10 days to learn Bryce’s UI, 10 minutes to learn MoI’s UI, 2 days to learn Rhino’s UI, Google’s Skethup 4-6 hours to look at the video tutorials, Inkscape 2 days. and so on…

edit: Of course blender has a lot of different features and I don’t know every single tool in Rhino, but the combined time off all of them is still far less then the time it took to learn blender, which is not actually true because I am still learning how to use it to this day, but at list I know my way around blender now.

Blender hides things from the user, even now there are actions that I could be using that I don’t know about after a whole year using blender.

About the article, it was crap.
LOL he said Goodle Sketch Up might replace blender in the near future. Google made Sketch Up free so that people could make models of the buildings and upload them to Google World, so that it will take the work load off google. That and to spread google to every part of computer world, thats the reason behind google search tab in firefox, picasa, and other free software from google.

That is something a person who thinks that blender can only make models and render simple scenes would say. Anyone who thinks like that has no right to comment about blender’s UI functionality compared to other programs. Blender is not just a one man army, its a combination of modeling, compositing, rendering, animating, texturing, UV unwrapping, basically all in one UI. That is something that no app can do. Unfortunately that is also the bad point of the UI in blender. That much stuff all in one place makes little room for buttons, so shortcuts have to be used, which are fast, but hard to remember, especially if you are knew.

Again, the interface implementation is awesome, but it could use some task-oriented usability rearrangement.

I do sustain that Blender is great for speed, and once over the curve you’ll be blazing fast, but even if you change the interface to be more accessible, that doesn’t mean you need to throw away the shortcut keys. F5 can still mean opening the materials editor, etc.

It is sad when non artists write things about blender, I love the UI!

I think he was just pissed because he couldn’t learn how to use it in a day… :confused:

i learned blenders UI concept in 15 minutes, and i love it the most. :smiley: but hey, what do i know, im just some freakish monkey modeling my life away in blender and lurking around this place here, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

I do agree, I think the author of that article knows nothing of what he’s talking about. Still, I find myself refreshed by the interface of Wings 3D and its sheer simplicity. Maybe if the developers of Wings and Blender could collaborate on the UI for the upcoming 2.5 release, that would be an awesome hybrid in my opinion!

Or we could just take their modeling tools :wink:

Ok you knock the wings developers out, and I’ll be ready wth some black bags and a 4wd :cool:

it seems Blenders UI gets bashed because it’s open source.
With Max or Maya, it’s, you bought it, you use it, if you don’t like the interface then bad luck kid. no refund, no nothing.
Sure Blender’s UI needs some work, but not a overhaul to make it some other program with Blender’s toolkit.
So if you want to use Blenders Sculpt Mode or Particle System or Games Engine or Compositing Nodes, then deal with the interface or go use an inferior product & pay through the nose for it.
Changes will surely come to Blender’s interface, in time and not a day before they are finished.
So if you can’t cope with using it, bad luck, there are plenty of people who can, they are obviously more patient & dedicated than what you are.
Basically if you don’t like the interface, don’t use Blender.
If you want to use Blender then STFU and learn it.

Sometimes you have brilliant ideas and then you come with such inept comments like this one…


change is a great thing.

The UI needs to be updated, but it needs to be done in a way that is consistent with the design philosophies that make it so powerful.

Has anyone noticed that the entire CS3 Suite has gone to “non overlapping interface” which is what Blender has always maintained. Great philosophy that shouldn’t be changed


I use Blender to “put bread on my table” as someone put it in that blog. I can understand Blender’ UI has a few problems though I have the slight suspicion that the problems I see have little or nothing to do with the problems most people posting in slashdot are meaning.

Let me give you an example. IMHO floating panels are a bad idea. They usually kludge the view, they are always in between the interesting area of the screen and my eyes :slight_smile: …and they first appeared after one of the first GUI refactors IIRC. BUT…when I was a noob, I loved them and wanted them all around.

I’m a totally pro-change guy, but I have my concerns about what new users think are Blender UI’s problems.

Maybe we can have a good, clear and extensive list of what are the bad things in Blender’s UI ?

Yeah I never really use even the object properties float thing, because it gets in the way. What I would like to do is place buttons that I want, where ever I want.

As a fun experiment, we as a community need to start posting blogs about Max/Maya and the like, and how their UIs are horrible to the point of inducing suicidal thoughts, be as dramatic, over exaggerative and untrue as possible! At least then there’ll be a balance of some kind.


PS: DO go too far, it’s all in the name of fun after all.

Although I like th UI as it is I have heard a lot of negative comments from people who tried to learn blender as well as many professionals. What is more all of them claim that if the UI was made easier, blender would have a wider audience.