Short Character Animation "Max Wave"

So this Is my first project that has been successfuly finished ill add him to scenes and what not but for right now I like this whole animation thing.

Crits are welcome

and if anyone has a good face rigging tut let me know thats my next step
these are

  1. the wave its self
  2. the wave with a spin

I love that character. It’s really cool. The rendering is also very very nice. Simple but really effective. The animation isn’t that interesting though. Nothing really happens thought I like that the head actually deformed at a moment: that isn’t done a lot and gives a lot more cartoonish but especially dynamic tough to the animation.

A tutorial on facial animating is this one I guess. Rigging isn’t needed just use shape keys and drivers. See this page for more info.

Good luck and have fun, I like your character.

hmm i wish the cam would rotate around the char in that vid, but good job on it non the less :wink:

I will do a spin of the animation

thanks alot I was trying to spice up the wave alittle bit this is my first character and project so im a newb to animation but with the tutorial I used the wave was abit boring so i decided to move the body abit