Short Commercial Video in Vray (and After Effects)

Short Commercial Video made in Blender rendered by Vray.

Compositing was done in After Effects CS6, however it’s nothing that couldn’t be done in Blender Video Sequencer, no special effects were applied (Not even color correction or anything…).

Hey Edward,
u did some decent camera work and a very good overall concept in there. However I personally would have put more effort in materials and lightning. A white diffuse on white background with white environment lighting. There is not so much of this “oh nteresting!”-factor as u would maybe which for. Also make the camera movements a bit more sensitive for the viewer; watching this a few times I still dont feel like I got the even some rough characteristic äesthetics of ur product. For example there are holes in the first 10 seconds shown, but I dont really feel like they have a function or even would meme some kind of function.

Although this is some pretty decent work! Was it paid work or just a practise?


Hello Voidless, :slight_smile:

thank you for taking time to comment!
This was my first project with Vray and I could probably say in Blender overall. I was learning on this. I must say I agree with you that materials could use more work, I wasn’t able to replicate the exact texture. Apart from my inexperience I think the lightning was the biggest factor there. Today I would have probably used envirnoment texture instead of 3-point system. Faster, easier, better looking.
The idea behind the camera paths was to show edges and parts of the machine - similar as you can see in some Hollywood movies and car ads. Problem was there is not so much to show. I could have probaly done a better job though.

The video was paid for.

The reason why I posted it here is that I see very little Vray videos - or even graphics - made in Blender. And if so it’s architectural stills into which tremendous time was invested. I can’t remember seeing even a single vray video made in Blender.

Before this project I tried to make the video in Cycles, but I couldn’t deal with noise (not only the common noise but grain in video too) and my cycles renders lack spark - they look fake, especially glass looks like plastic. I needed to come up with a working solution. Vray was instantly better and surpassed Cycles in everything I needed for the project. Learning to work with it was a HUGE pain. Almost no useable tutorials. I rember it took me a better part of the day to even figure out how to make a simple material - there are minor differences in how you plug things and figuring this out can be tough.

For me the video means “I did it!” - I made a working video in Vray + Blender. I hope it might get other people inspired to try Vray, to show them it’s possible.


I would be grateful if you could direct me towards more vray “consumer” grapics and videos (meaning they are meant for fast commercial use, not a perfected piece of art). I love to be inspired.