Short fight animation test.

Actually, this wouldn’t count as a fight. It’s more like one kick to da chest.
But anyway, it’s all Blender except for the sounds and text.

Animation Test

Nice matrixy high-speed, slowmo cut-up effects: not easy in animation. Sound-effects add a lot as well, but could be better.

I agree. I just used some sounds I had lying around. I need to buy that ManCandy tutorials DVD.
I’m sick of reading tutorials and still having a million problems that make my character only partially

I’ve got lots of idea I hope to share with people here when completed.

Hey very smooth animation! I’ve seen alot of animations, even a tv show with “stocky animation” but yours was rather smooth. And For more realism te sound could be better but the point is the animation not the sound :slight_smile: So either way you did good. 4 1/2 stars from me


I can’t wait to start experimenting with compositing particles and special
effects with stuff like this for a complete video.