Short fight scene in Naruto universe

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Very cool, nice animation !
Only comments I would have relate to direction, there are a couple of moments where characters switch places between cuts.
The first is at 12 seconds your shot sets him up screen right and the Red guy screen left. then a few seconds later (17) when they clash, Green is on the left and Red is on the Right I was expecting the opposite so it takes me out of the action while I reorient myself. It’s only fractions of a second but its time I am not following the great action which also goes by very fast.
It happens again at 21 seconds, Red is screen Right and he uppercuts Green, then you cut to a POV of Red while Green reacts but Green’s head goes slightly to wards the Right half of the frame which makes me go wait, who got hit again ? and i need to reorient. It’s not ruining the experience but it takes me out while I go “Holup who hit who just now ?” When your action is fast, the easier you make it to follow the better the viewer experience will be.

That bird is cool at the start and the end but I’m not sure what he adds to your short sequence, unless it’s meant to foreshadow a sequel where another shinobi is spying on these two ?

Very cool action scene tho, looks like a game trailer or something !