Short film animation: FAVORIA

Hello, my name is Andreas Im from Sweden and Iv just started out using Blender, iv been using 3dsm for a year during Technical Design studies. I cant afford a license so Im going to use Blender for my works.
I once wrote a short cyber-punk story called ANGA. Im making it to a short animated film. Animated because the surrealism in it is not easy to make realisticly in the real world.
Ill start out with one of the carrecters in ANGA here name is FAVORIA.
Ill post progress and need for help during the process here.
Sofar my support is Anne a film-cutter in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Kris a sound designer in Zell am hammersbar (Germany). Earlier Iv had allot of help from Emily cloth designer from Ludvika (Sweden) with the story line.
thats all for the first post, bye!

Hello munkii!

Welcome to Elysiun!
This seems to be a big and nice project. Do you have any squetch / story board already? It is always nice to see people with some guts to start big projects being a newbie. I used to work on 3d max as well but got bored of windows and moved to linux where I doscovered wonderful Blender.
Nowadays, I do not regret my days on 3d max. Hope you will experience the same as I did.

Where in Sweden are u from? I spent some time in Lund a few years ago, and I can’t wait to get back to see my old friends there (btw:I live in Brussels).


Hi there, thx for the welcoming!

Yes, the project has all the good stuff!
The short story is being given visualisation right now, ink and paper! there is allot of work to be done. I paint and the film cutter criticises. :slight_smile:

To learn blender iv cut out a small scene that contains the basics of what i need to know in blender. Step by step I’m getting in to the working process for it. So far iv made a basic human from sketches.

But hey i got hold of the 2.4 blender and there is a stack modifier and i feel right at home!

I miss most of the functions in editpoly in 3dsm. Ether I haven’t found them yet or they don’t exist, yet. Like the face selecting part, so i don’t have to ctrl+LMB (or BB) select the vertices to select a face.
Naming faces, for use of multiple materials and/or maps, UW Mapping. I cant find that, but it has to be somewhere or else how could blender users Unwrap so nicely that i have seen?
And the vertices flattening tools, i move vertices by hand to the centre of the model (my mirrored model of a girl) and in worst case scenarios chose vertesesies individually and edit their position in the N window.
Target connect, collapse selection and the weld window. Dam i miss those but i enjoy the T and J commands, Max lacks of these.
And the cut, K (Max connect) wow I am impressed! It does the job and surprises me every time.
Extruding just holding in shift in Max but E is allright its just 1 click extra for the same thing but for every time.
But that’s about it for the modelling part! Not much! :slight_smile:

I am trying to learn how to rig it now and animate it, the system in blender is very different than in 3dsm. I don’t have a clue of how it works yet, but I am reading and reading, trying.

Ah Lund, its a nice town, I have some friends there. I live in Helsingborg, that’s not far away. I have lived most of my resent life in Malmö, I am thug Lund with the train every week! (Lund is in between Helsingborg and Malmö). I was born in Stockholm and grew up in Brazilia(Brazil!). :slight_smile:

I hope someone could give me a few tips on the modelling part strategies. Maybe some comments on the model, be easy thought! I made it just to learn how to model in Blender. Comments on how to make it suitable for rigging perhaps. Should i put it up in the first render with blender topic. This is a grate forum, I don’t think that i would have learnt this much in so little time without it.

That is all for this time, enjoy yourselves!


First of all: wellcome!

have you cheked out the wiki? It explains the basics of blender pretty well:

Ctrl + tab in editmode or click those buttons in the 3dviewport header.

I don’t realy understand you. sorry :expressionless:

Video tute by GreyBeard:
Live Lscm unwrapping:

Do you mean like S -> MMB -> 0 -> enter?

To weld: Alt+m.

Btw, I live in Halmstad (but I go to Lund every once i a while too)

Naming faces, for use of multiple materials and/or maps

i think he means placing multiple colours on one object.

There is a great tutorial for this here:

check out for more tutorials.