Short film, Armchair - with1st part of the making of

Hi guys,

I have just finished a 2 years long project I’m working on (not full time ;))

it’s a short movie called “Armchair”

I’d like to thanks all the people that helped me so far.

It’s realesed creative common attribution, and I’ll do certainly the same with all the file I’m allowed to.
furthemore a making of is on the way!

feel free to comment and to criticize.

I hope you Enjoy it.


Ahah, you, sir, made my day. Your film is nicely done and very funny. Totally worth the time you spent working on it !

Very entertaining.

thank’s you two for your nice comment ! glad it please you !

Very funny and technically on a very high level. The only thing that felt off a tiny little bit is that some shots seemed a tiny little bit too long, which impacted the pacing. But still, I like it very much.

That was great! enjoyed watching it

Cool story, bro :slight_smile: Professional job, I especially liked camera movement, it would be interesting to see storyboard.

Nice animations and cool style :slight_smile:

I tried to animate a game character in blender. Wish it had the same quality as the animations in your short.
Guess I have to put more work into it.

Great job!

HEY, thank(s for your comment !

Has I have said earlier I made the first part of the making of :

you can find it here :

I hope you like !