Short film being created in Blender

HelloBlender community,

Myname is Lee Stripp and I’m currently workingon a short film called “Only the Night”. All the Editing, ColourGrading, Sound Design and Visual Effects are being done in Blender.

Sofar we have finished the Trailer, the film is on its way in a fewmonths. Just thought you maybe interested. We would love to here your feedback, good and bad :slight_smile:




ELISEand MATTHEW, a married couple in their 30’s - 40’s, live in apleasant but distant middle class home. Matthew’s been picking upextra work, making their lifestyle easier, but it has driven out thedesire from their marriage.

Thisevening, after a particularly damning argument, Matthew leaves toseek his fortune with a late night business partner. Elise dials upTONY, her lover, and the two head for a place where they can bealone.

Thefollowing morning, Elise is awakened by a happy Matthew, who throws anewspaper down on the bed. There’s two articles there – one with apleasant article about Matthew’s marketing business taking off, andanother about a woman found dead The woman’s name, it turns out, isJOANNA MITCHUM, Elise, “What am I supposed to do, just carry thisguilt to my grave?” she asks Tony.

Tonyleans forward and pats her knee. “That’s what all good marriedcouples do.”

Withthat, the lovers part for the final time. Elise begins to cry, andJoanna Mitchum’s still photographwatches her, unfeeling, from the newspaper. THE END.

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Yeah, sorry, I realised after I posted it.

This link seems suspicious to me, I won’t try to click.

The domain is owned by YouTube. They use it for URL shortening as announced on YouTube’s official blog 7 years ago.

Ok, didn’t know about that, thanks for the news :wink:

This is NSFW by the way … Good job on the titles.

The Trailer was all done in Blender, but sadly the final film had to be moved back to Lightworks for the edit… Blender 2.77a broke all the audio for some reason.