Short film: BERT & EP

well here is something ive been showing in cgtalk, and since it was made in blender i thought that u guys needed a look see

its a short film about a boy and his wierd toy that comes to life.

here is the image to give u a feel of the characters.

well in this first post ill introduce u to the purple maniac.

instead of posting images of his facial expression, i made a little anim test animation.

and for those of u who cnat view avi’s but own quicktime player

:slight_smile: crits please

Enter BERT!!!

will i began him and i think he is coming along nicely.

and here is a toon shading test im not good

and of course some expression. no anim this time :frowning:

crits please [/img]

Ok its a short one, ive strated on the boys room, its a little plain now but …

you got some nice expressions on you purple maniac. what is this short about? so far it seems very promising.

Thanks, well the boys finds this toy in his cupboard and realises its not a toy. now the boy is being bullied and this tow basically helps to stop the bullying. here is my status list to show u how much ive done

model ep: done
rig EP: done
animate ep: 60% done
Model bert: 30% done
Rig Bert: not started
animate bert: not started
model bully: not started
rig bully: not started
model bully2:not started
rig bully 2: not started
model room: 70% done
model park:not started
model school hallway: not started

the problem i may ahve now is modelling extra im gonna have to find a way to have minimum extras or none at all

OK started thinking about what Tommy (bully2) is gonna look like

bully 2 is gonna become berts friend in the end, he isnt the main bully, tell me if u think ge looks right. :slight_smile:

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sorry i havent been keeping this thread lively, ive almost completely finished ep, he has now been riggged

update of bert.


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Does he have man boobs?? make them a little less protruding, try tweaking with the toon shaders some more, it would look best like that. Have you tried making EP a bit translucent?? I like how you paint the "cencept"images kinda neat

yeah i wantedto make this toon shaded ill keep u updated with toonshades along with renders

well ive finished modeeling berts body, im gonna do his clothes next, i personally think these renders are really funny its up to u guys to decide that for urself

Hey great job so far. Now try making expressions with Blenders new hook feature. Should be much easier.


ok i gave him clothes and im gonna amkes some use of the hook feature and rig in the next one, the nest post after the next should have them tegether in a clever pose :slight_smile:

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Yes another update, its bert do u think has enough attidude?

err… there seems to be a lack of interested in this thread, what am i doing wrong?

I like it. But I don’t like those eyebrows or that hair.

Use particles.

Well, this is not a super high res humanoid, it is a cartoon. Consider that many do not care about cartoons.

It looks very good. Maybe consider animating or doing more work before posting results.


ok here there are togetehr they both have alot more character now :slight_smile: