Short Film Character

I’m currently working on an animated short film called Entanglement about a quantum physicist who loses his child and has to learn how to deal with the grief and suffering that ensues.

I’m traditionally a Maya user and the film will be made mostly in this software package but I’ve been watching with increasing interest what has been going on in the Blender community; the software, the community, and the philosophy behind it appear to be everything I have dreamed about so I’ve begun to slowly wrap my head around it.

I thought I’d start out with the sculpting part of Blender on a secondary character from the short film. I’ve done a fair bit of traditional sculpting but never much digital but I found the tools and process to be quite intuitive. I somehow managed to shift everything a bit during the process so the symmetry tool had a whack at his right ear but I’m sure that’s just some stupid mistake on my part.

Thank you for your time!

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great idea and start… hope to see more soon