Short Film Completed

Hi all. My short “film” for my daughter’s preschool class is finally finished. I probably put about 60-70 hours into the thing (shooting, editing, modelling, texturing, rigging, lighting, animating, rendering, sound work, blah blah), and at this point I’m just glad that it’s out of my hair. They’re going to show it in her class this Friday.

File size is a bit big (8.9 MB), but if you’re feeling brave click away! Divx5 encoded, 360x240, 15 fps, just over 4 minutes long. The master is in DV format (720x480, 29.97 fps).

Note #1: this is NOT CG. It’s live action, with Blender used for four very important FX sequences.

Note #2: Yes, that is harkyman himself in the last scene.

Note #3: I’ll only keep the link active for two or three days, as my wife rightly doesn’t want videos of the kids floating around on the net forever. There are some icky people out there. If the link below is gone, pm me and I’ll see that you get it.

Watch it here.

Very sweet.

excellent composition and nice story… definitely worth seeing :slight_smile:


Good work! The bear fits right in the shots. Great acting :slight_smile:

Very cute! I’m sure she was overjoyed with the final production. I wonder what her class will think… :slight_smile:

well a long download on my chugger 28k but well worth it! great filmmaking in all area’s and great composition =D

maybe the 5 year olds will strap their bear in the high chair at breakfast time, who knows :wink:

I touched me to the bones.
Your movie is breathing love for your daughter.

amen to that garbager

you have a great voice for talking to kids too