Short film EMPIRE TRANSITION finished


this week, the production of the short film EMPIRE TRANSITION finished. I modelled and animated this piece of work completely in Blender 2.70 and added some finishing with After Effects.

Watch the film here:

The story tells about the transition of a protagonist from compelled deadlock to self-determined movement.

This animation has been produced for the musical project NORDWISE, which I am part of.

I have to express my gratitude to the Developers of Blender and to BlenderArtist as you made this project possible!. Thank you!



Wow that was very interesting i like the detailing in the modeling throughout the short the only thing i have to say is maybe add some camera shake to increase the intensity near the climax of the short but otherwise good work!

Thx, you are right! Considering the camera movement and behaviour there is certainly room for improvement. It has been on of the aspects I was struggling with and hope to do better in the future. :slight_smile:

Look very cool and professional! How long did it take you to finish?


Expressed in full-time equivalents, I would guess 1 week story-building and testing, 3w modelling, 3w rendering (without using renderfarms), 1w effects and finish.