Short-film in need of 3D powers particle effects and object removal


I have a short film (live-action) I’m trying to complete that involves a character who has cosmic powers emanating from their hands. During shooting, blue glow bands were used for some light reflections, and to help with tracking.

I need the blue bands removed, masked out, or keyed out, and a cosmic energy power added to look like it is coming from the character’s bare hands.

Since the character is moving and fighting with their powers ignited, I think the powers need to be a 3D effect or particle system, moving with the character’s position and being at the correct angle at all times.

This will require 3D work, compositing/object removal, and perhaps some rotoscoping. Thus, I need someone very knowledgeable in Blender’s various capabilities. This is PAID, and I will negotiate with you if you can do the work.


Hi, thank you for replying. Do you have any demo reel or work I can view?

haw many total shots?

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