Short film made ​​in Blender, in Bang Awards 2014 Portugal/Brazil.

Hi guys!

If you like the Short film. Can you contribute with your votes?

I greatly appreciate it. ---- [you can vote in this link]


It´s a nice effort. What´s lacking for me is in animation. It´s often a bit static, and floating(no sense of weight), and I would especially like to see some more emotion through facial expression. Their faces were too “dead” for me. I hope you can take that as constructive criticism, otherwise I liked the story and ambience. I suppose you were pressed for time, also.

Well… I can’t say that i’m happy to read that… But you take some of your time to watch the short film. So I will say.

thank you for your time.

Well, it is true that the quality of the animation doesn’t match modeling, ambience, music and story , in my humble opinion and without trying to be rude or negative, animation needed more work. I really like the music when the bad guy appears it remind me a lot of sephirot from Final Fantasy, but anyways you did what a lot of people fail to achieve, which is FINISH something and not only speak. Congrats!

Like walcar3d said, the biggest thing is that you actually completed it! Great work! Not many people do that.
Animation is the most time consuming part of a project like this so it is natural that it suffers when you don’t have a big budget.