Short film "Memories of the old skin"

I made this short film with Blender 2.79 during 9 months.This story tells about reminiscences of leopard’s old skin lying in front of fireplace and its hopes that her cub will found somebody to care about him.

Film still frames


Wow, congratulations!

It looks great! You did everything yourself?! This is insane! Hats off!

I’m an animator and I wouldn’t even try to animate quadruped! :smiley:

Well done, enjoy! I wish you the strength to keep making them and telling the stories that move you :slight_smile:

Thank you. Yes, I made it alone. It was a big challenge for me and I hope people will like it. Just I wanted so much to understand all the process of film making.

Looks like a rather emotional film. Hope you have success at the festivals!

What was your process making the film? Did you use cycles or internal for rendering?

Thank you. It was Cycles render. I hope, soon I will have time to write Making of…!

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Sorry I missed this when you posted it, very moving and sad, sniff, sniff. Just when I thought he was coming back to life the mouse came out!