Short film Production Progress and Tips welcomed (Scroll to bottom)

I am currently creating a character for an animation assignment and i am happy to hear feedback. The reference was hiro from big hero 6 movie but only the direction and not the exact character.

I am trying now for quite a while to get him to a good looking guy but cant nail it down to the problem. I might change the hair with a hair system after retopo and give him another haircut ( also here are tips welcomed).

EDIT: The story is that we have to do an animation assignment and we learn maya for that. But i am a Blender Nerd so i will do it in Blender and want to do the best as possible. I consider myself more an animator, hard surface guy, so that why i need your help to beat the maya competition.

When i finally like him i will : Retopo him with body and cloth, Rig him, and do my Animation for the assignment that i can post here as well.

Currently in the mood part to see which is the right environment and so for the character and theme for the movie.

But when someone has some thoughts and tips about the clothes i would really appreciate it.



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The first thing that stands out to me as looking off, is that the eyes/sockets stick out too far on the sides of the head. Using the warp tool in Photoshop I did a quick 2D edit to show what I mean:

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Looks way better… thanks! Will improve him.

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You’re welcome! Looking forward to your updates…

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Updated. The images before where just viewport oriented and i forgot to go into the right front view… So…
Here an update on the guy:
EDIT: I worked more on him and here he is. I changed the form of the head, eyes smaller, more realistic propotions and different hair. Any tips?

I go with him now in the retopo process and the body creation maybe i will change it now only a little bit to adjust it to the body and clothes…

Looking good so far. The changes make for a much improved form, I think.

I was going to suggest making the eyes a bit smaller as well, but with stylized designs there’s a lot of room for things like exaggeration and artistic interpretation - so really no right or wrong there.

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Here is an update: Feedback still welcomed!

Another update from the character, tips are welcomed!
Otherwise i move on to rigging him because i can always tweak the materials

Looking cool.

I like the hair, but maybe the strands could have some randomness… still retaining the main shape of the ‘clumps’, but perhaps looking a bit more natural?

And you’re probably already aware of it, but his skin showing through the shirt under the collar.

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Thanks, the hair is not finished and behind the front part is nothing… and i will add details after the main shapes. The cloth is made before i did the retopo and was a place holder because i am still searching for a suitable outfit for this rebel guy…

New Images: Details of the hair are not done yet, clothes are very basic but i think they fit. In the beginning he will also have a cape but only the first few seconds of the animation.

I did the retopo worked on the characters cloth and other things. Changed the hair for a better animation time but i can still use both.
Any comments on him? I need some sort of eyelashes i guess but my tries looked way to girlish.
What do you think of the face colors?

The face colors look good. And I like the new animation-friendly hair, though it looks a little like plastic, as does the skin shader. Maybe try more SSS in the skin, and a bit less in the hair?

Yeah, eyelashes on cartoon characters tend to make them look feminine, especially if they have a young look (smooth skin, no facial hair, etc.). You may want to just leave them out, or paint a subtle textured version along the edges of the eyelids. If you’re going to model them keep them as thin, flat and symmetrical (not ‘pointing’ to the inside or outside of the face) as possible so they don’t look “made up” with mascara. :wink:

(Btw - I modeled some characters who share the same face, and the only way I differentiated the 2 girls from the 2 boys was to give them eyelashes!)

The clothes are looking better, but the shoes look too symmetrical to me… maybe try pushing the ‘big toe’ area forward a bit and the ‘little toe’ area out to the side?

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Great tips will try to apply them to the model. Thanks!

Short Animation test.

This is the first teaser after the rigging process and so on. Not totally happy with the coat pattern and design but these are things i can also improve after the animation part which will take long.

Quick animation to test the cloth simulation. Next i guess is the character animation.