Short film: SubSurface


Long story short, here’s our group’s latest production.

It’s maybe 70% blender internal, 30% cycles.
Comp in Blender.

One of the shots has true volumetric atmosphere. Took a LONG time to render but I wanted to try.


Graphics: myself (Sakari Leppä), Manu Järvinen
Music: Harri Dammert

Great shots! How did you combine Blender render with Cycles?

Wow! Speechless after watching this. It’s so beautiful, both music and images, and a very intimate combination. The lighting is superb and the volumetrics spaces are mesmerizing. Congratulations! Extraordinary work!

Nice choice of Fonts.


Mostly I meant that it was just a question of some shots rendered with BI, some with cycles.

BUT, it is possible to combine those also, if you have two different scenes inside blender, and the other has BI settings, the other cycles. Then you combine them in the compositor, by inputting those two as separate render layers.

AND I did that on the shot with fishes. The fishes are BI, the floating plankton is cycles. I wanted cycles DOF to those.

Wow. That must have taken some time. Lots of nice stuff here:)!! That second shot withe the spinning car- was that internal with lots of comping? or cycles.
Lovely volumetrics! how long is LONG;)?

Crackin’ little animation. Congrats.

nice! did you fake the volumetrics at 0:36 or is it the real deal? would love to some behind the scenes of that shot. Great stuff, and gorgeous lighting/camera work.

edit: nevermind, I read the description on youtube.

Really cool piece. Very consistent and pleasing color throughout the whole thing. One thing that seemed odd was at about 47 secs in, some of the lighting seems to turn off just before the headlight turns off. Was that intentional, and if so, how did you do it?

Thanks. Spinning car = cycles with some extra particles comped in.
Long is…something like a month.

Thx. Yeah well… it’s not intentional, but I decided not to do anything about it since didn’t know how to fix it.
My theory is that for some reason, some of the light stopped illuminating the volume when it got sufficiently behind the camera. Or something like that. Same reason why the headlight turns off…

Hmm, that’s really interesting. It’s kind of a cool effect, but can be frustrating when it’s not what you want. Regardless, that’s still my favorite shot, it looks great.