Short film - The Cournil Movie Project

Hello everyone, I hope not to be off-topic by posting here! :slight_smile:

I introduce myself, my name is Aurelien, initiator of the Cournil Movie Project.

It is a project of short animation directed entirely in Blender whose vocation is to bring together enthusiasts who want to learn from Blender, and to make their contribution to the project by learning to others!

This project started a year ago and evolves week after week. We have a hidden forum dedicated to the production on which you can go and become a member Designer (“Concepteur” rank in french) to join our ranks, or you can simply follow us on Our social networks, or on this post that I would come to feed to make you share the evolution!

The story takes place in a Parisian cabaret of the 19th century, where a Magician takes a funny rabbit out of his hat, and this is the beginning of troubles … This short film will last about 5 minutes, entirely silent, based on a succession of mute gags!

You can also find us on Facebook, or Twitter ! :smiley:

Do not hesitate to join us, follow us, share us!

Although our forum is in French, I am sure that your posts in English will find a recipient able to exchange with you. :slight_smile:

See you soon,

Founder of the Cournil Movie Project

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